Drew Smith “Art is Fun” Award


Drew Smith “Art is Fun” Award

The Drew Smith Drawing Contest and Award is an annual event in memory of Drew Smith. His story is below.

Drew loved to draw and wanted to become a comic book artist. His art folder was always full of sketches. Drew was also kind and respectful to everyone. He had a great sense of humor and always showed a smile on his face.

The goal of this competition is to encourage those students who, like Drew, love to draw and do it often. This also serves to recognize those students who excel in drawing through creativity and enthusiasm.

Drew’s parents select two winning entries: one from a girl and one from a boy in the fifth grade. Each winner receives a $50 art supply gift card and his/her name placed on a plaque near Art room 200.

Rules for entry:

  • Open to 5th graders only.
  • Original drawing of any subject. No tracing or copying. Copyright designes such as cartoon charaters from TV or books will not be considered for awards.
  • Use 9×12 white paper, marker, crayon, paint, or collage.
  • Write name on back of drawing and homeroom teacher.
  • Much be turned in to Ms. Robinson, art teacher by Wednesday, May 22, 2013.

Past Recipients:

1998 – Russell Grooms, Whitney Hooper
1999 – Justin Daniels, Logan Taber
2000 – Zach Nabors, Tori Newton
2001 – Steven Desrochers, Amanda Grooms
2002 – Perry Turner, Stephanie Atwood
2003 – John Martin Eubanks, Ayesha Fuller
2004 – Spencer Burgess, Christina Murphy
2005 – Kyler Buynack, Kristen Davis
2006 – Taylor Crowley, Brittany Hall
2007 – Dakota Forsythe, Alex Cordes
2008 – Casey Anderson, Harmony Smith
2009 – Grant Ross, Haley Williams
2010 – Stephanie Martinez, Noah Reeves
2011 – Abbey Huff, Brandon Allen
2012 – Eric Anderson, Angelina Elkin
2013 – Michael Lopez, Kaylee Francis

Drew’s Story

Drew started life as a gift. He was born on his dad’s birthday, and from then on, he gave the gifts of happiness, love and humor.

Drew loved grilled cheese sandwiches, Nintendo, Halloween and the movie “Top Gun.” Because of his love of planes, one year we took Drew to Owens Field where he actually flew a plane for his birthday.

People were important to Drew. He enjoyed adults and seniors almost as much as his peers. And he was a champion for the underdog as those left our. He once spent all the money he had saved for a video game to buy the neighborhood kids a treat from the ice cream truck.

Drew had a talent for drawing. While attending White Knoll Elementary from the first grade through the fifth, he was taught by Ms. Merett in the very room where this memorial is displayed. It is our wish to encourage another budding artist with the “Art is Fun Award” each year.

An impaired boater took Drew’s life on July 19, 1997. That event changed everything in our lives. But because of this boy, out state now has “Drew’s Law” that strengthens the penalties for operating a boat while under the influence. Drew’s death, as well as his life, has made a difference.

Lexington High school holds an annual swim for Drew. For more information about this event, click here.

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