Breakfast in the Classroom


Date: August 20, 2018

Dear Parents / Guardians:

We are excited to announce that we will be continuing the wonderful Breakfast in the Classroom Program this school year at White Knoll Elementary.  Students will report to their homeroom and be given the opportunity to eat a FREE breakfast in the classroom.

We are committed to the academic success of all students.  The first and best tool to ensure student success is to begin the day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast – whether at home or at school.  Research shows that children who eat a nutritious breakfast have better test scores, longer attention spans, improved attendance, and fewer disciplinary problems.  

Important things to know about Breakfast in the Classroom:

    • ALL students will receive a FREE breakfast
    • Students will begin breakfast in their classrooms at 7:30 am.   Students will eat at their desks while the teacher takes attendance and completes other morning duties.

*Car riders wishing to eat school breakfast must be in their classroom no later than 7:40am each morning.

  • There will be one healthy breakfast option each morning.   
  • Students will be able to choose milk (white only), and each student will receive juice.
  • Students arriving on late buses will be allowed to eat breakfast.  They will report to their homeroom and the teacher will send a note to the cafeteria for additional breakfasts.

School breakfast is an ideal solution on busy mornings when families are running behind or for those students who are not hungry when they first wake up.  Whatever the reason, if breakfast at home is not convenient, please take advantage of breakfast in the classroom.

Thank you for helping us to make sure that all of our students start the day alert, well fed, and ready to learn.


Nicole Mitchell, Principal

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